The Importance of Nutrition


Why is taking your health important? Well, health is central to human happiness and overall well-being. When you are healthy you are generally happier, and you may live a longer fuller life. Difference aspects of health may contain Food & nutrition, Strength and relation to a healthy body mass index, Practicing overall dental health including hygiene. Many factors can relate to health.

Food and nutrition compared to health: Nutrition can have such a positive impact on one’s health. A simple guideline to help you maintain the proper nutrition can change a lot in one’s body from Type II Diabetes to other diseases such as Scurvy, and Rickets etc.

This site offers a great guideline for the daily nutrition intake recommendations

A few ways to cut back on sugar are

  1. Eating whole foods, reaching for a snack that has more protein such as a couple hard boiled eggs rather than a bagel or cereal.
  2. By trading sugary drinks such as pop and juice for water or milk.
  3. Buying sugar-free or low-calorie items.
  4. Preparing low sugar snacks and having them easily accessible.

By trading a few sugary items on a regular basis it may reduce your sugar intake dramatically minimizing your risks for certain health issues.

A proper diet will help maintain optimal oral health. Nutrition is determined in the manner that the body utilizes the nutrients contained in foods which are eaten. Some key nutrients are Carbohydrate, Proteins, Fats, Water, Vitamins, and Minerals. Good nutrition depends on an adequate supply of all of the essentials nutrients.

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